Friday, August 27, 2021

The Week of August 30, 2021

 Greetings, Room 22 families! 

After a week of everyone e-learning, I am happy to start making the transition back into the classroom!  Those students who are continuing with e-learning, please log onto Zoom each day at 9:00 am for a class meeting with me.  Your work will be posted to ItsLearning for you to complete.  Those students who are back at Ellis will no longer need to log onto ItsLearning, as you will complete your works in the classroom.

We will begin our week together by starting our investigation into the Middle Ages!  We will use the Fundamental Needs of Humans chart to guide our explorations of this period in history.  This week, we will also have a special focus on how people in the Middle Ages used simple machines.  The vocabulary words for the week will be about the Middle Ages.  Everyone should be working with these words daily to prepare for a vocabulary activity on Friday. We will continue with another word study list for the week that will be assessed on Friday. As usual, small group lessons during the week will focus on grammar, math, reading, and writing.  Follow-up works from these lessons are written on your child's "Required Assignments" page on their workplan.    

For those families returning to Ellis next week, your child's weekly progress report will be sent home Monday. It will look a little different because of the e-learning format of the previous week, but it will still provide you with important information about their work.  I ask that you review the packet, sign, and return it Tuesday.  Please do not removed any pages from the packet, as I use the works to plan upcoming lessons.  For those working at home, please log into the ItsLearning parent portal to see your child's progress. 

On Friday, September 3rd we will have Fall pictures.  Surprise! This is a free dress-down day!

As always, appreciate your partnership and support,

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