Friday, April 9, 2021

The Week of April 12, 2021

 Hello, Room 22 families!

After having some allergy-related health issues this week, I am back on track to returning to campus Monday.  I appreciate your patience and understanding as I assigned asynchronous work Thursday and presented via Zoom Friday.  I feel blessed that we live in a time when technology has afforded us a means of continuing our work when it otherwise would have been very difficult to do so!

The following works should be completed during the upcoming week at school:

  1. studying for a weekly spelling quiz (Friday)

  2. completing a reading comprehension assignment at

  3. completing a Saxon math skills maintenance assignment

  4. working on iReady for 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  5. reading to Amira on Tuesday and Thursday (4th grade only)

  6. attending daily zoom lessons and completing the associated follow-up work


Please note that your child does NOT have a vocabulary list to study this week.


GMAS testing will begin later this month.  In preparation, those students who are on campus will take a practice test in the classroom this week.  Cohort A will take the practice test Wednesday and cohort B will take it Thursday.  There is no need to do any preparation work for this practice test.  


GMAS testing will begin the week of April 19th.  Be on the lookout for another email detailing specific dates for each section of the test and information about the logistics.  


SCCPSS is providing a number of programs for remediation and enrichment this summer!  The “Embrace Learning” programs are open to all SCCPSS students.  I highly encourage you to consider enrolling your child in at least one of these courses.  To access the course catalog and applications, please visit this site:


Have a nice weekend,


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