Sunday, January 3, 2021

The Week of January 4, 2021

Happy New Year!  Tuesday, January 5th starts the first day of term 3!  I look forward to another term of fun and learning with you!  

At this time, we are entering the next phase of the SCCPSS “Return to Learn” Covid plan.  There will be three different cohorts of students in our class: 

Cohort A:  Attend class on campus Monday and Tuesday, at home Wednesday through Friday.

Cohort B:  Attend class on campus Thursday and Friday, at home Monday through Wednesday.

Cohort C:  Attend class at home Monday through Friday.

Daily schedules of lessons have been updated in your ItsLearning platform for the upcoming term.  You will notice that the lesson days and times have not changed from last term.  It is my hope that we can keep our current schedule in place as we transition into this next phase of reopening campus.  That being said, some changes may need to be made to accommodate for this different structure.  I ask for your patience as we work through this together.  

Cohort C families, as of now no change in procedures will be made.  Please continue to attend lessons and complete weekly works as was done during term 2.

Cohorts A and B families, in the near future you will be receiving an email from administration with logistical information about returning to on-campus learning.  It will include information about arrival/dismissal times, supply lists, safety procedures, and many other aspects of “Return to Learn”.  You will follow the same lesson schedule and work requirements they had in term 2.  The only difference is that you will be receiving the lessons and having their worktime on campus 2 days a week.  You should continue attending lessons and working on followup works as you have in the past during the 3 days they are at home.  

All students will once again be working "asynchronously" from home on Wednesdays.  I will post Wednesday work on ItsLearning and send a Remind message about it as I have done in the past. 

If you have any questions about what cohort you are in or about anything else associated with the upcoming term, please feel free to email me at

Works for this week will include daily lessons and follow-up in math, cultural studies, geometry, and grammar.  In addition, all students have these daily works to complete:

1. Saxon Math Maintenance - 4th and 5th graders will NOT have Saxon this week. 6th graders, please complete lessons 15 & 16.  This assignment is due by Friday, January 8th.

2. Vocabulary - You will receive your first vocabulary list of the term this Thursday.  Please study it for an activity on Wednesday, January 13th.

3. Word Study - You will receive your first spelling list of the term this Thursday. Please study it for a quiz on Wednesday, January 13th.

4. ReadWorks Comprehension - Please complete your weekly ReadWorks comprehension activity at by Friday, January 8th. 

Finally, it’s time for term 2 parent/teacher/student conferences!  Please visit the following link to choose a day and time for your virtual conference:

See you Tuesday,

Mr. Trent

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