Friday, January 29, 2021

The Week of February 1, 2021

We are gearing up for the first week of February! Please note the following information about our upcoming week together:

1. Required assignments will include follow-up from daily lessons delivered via Zoom, one comprehension practice assignment on, and Saxon math skills maintenance (lesson 20). 2. Now that we have completed the iReady diagnostic, everyone has been placed in the appropriate starting point in the curriculum. All students are required to do 30 minutes of iReady work each Monday (Reading), Wednesday (math), and Friday (student choice of reading or math). 3. On Wednesday, students will complete a cultural activity, a spelling quiz, and a vocabulary activity. All of these works will be shared with the students on itsLearning Wednesday morning. The spelling and vocabulary lists have already been shared with them on ItsLearning. 4. 4th graders will need to complete at least one read-aloud activity with the Amira program on Tuesday and Thursday. 5. Optional choice works are posted each Monday in the “Announcements” section of itsLearning. While not required, these activities are a great supplement to the required works you complete. Please know that I am available to answer any questions via the Remind app, email (, and itsLearning chat. I appreciate you! Mr. Trent 

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