Friday, September 11, 2020

The Week of September 14, 2020

With the exception of a few students, we are finished with our fall MAP assessments!  Thank you for your efforts in completing these tests.  I will use the results to help me plan lessons that are appropriate for your strengths and needs.  

Speaking of lessons, I have some great ones planned this week!  Your lessons may include more practice with writing informational paragraphs, part 2 of the Montessori Great Lesson “The Timeline of Life”, fun with geometry, and some more grammar work.  In addition, check out the fun choice works I’ve uploaded to ItsLearning under the “Announcements” section!  As always, your lesson schedule is posted on ItsLearning and your required followup works are found in Google Classroom.

You may note a change in our schedule when you look at the weekly ItsLearning calendar.  We will not be giving live lessons on Wednesdays.  Instead, we will be sharing a recorded lesson for you to watch and a followup for you to complete on Google Classroom.  It is important that you are marking yourself as present in ItsLearning each Wednesday.  Also, be on the lookout for more small-group lessons that have been added to the schedule with Mr. Mark and Ms. Connie.  Students who need to attend these lessons will be noted on the schedule with the appropriate Zoom link to use.  

I’ve had a few questions about reading and spelling groups.  We will begin reading groups based on lexile scores the week of September 21st and developmental spelling groups the week of September 28th.  More information about these groupings will be forthcoming.  

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr. Trent

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