Friday, August 16, 2019

The Week of August 19, 2019

Are you ready for another great week at Ellis?  There's a lot of fun and learning awaiting you!

Our social studies research will include continued studies of the Fundamental Needs of Humans chart, westward expansion in the United States, and a review of European geography.  Language lessons will include some more sentence analysis work.  

In addition to any followup work from your lessons, you will have the following required assignments that will be due Friday:

- current event quiz
- activity 

You will also have a word study quiz on the following words:

Circle Group
ex- expressionless, extrinsic, extrusive, excruciate, extensive
in- inflate, innate, induced, incline, incisor 

Triangle Group
oa- coach, toast, throat, roach, float
o_e- pose, woke, tone, dose, mode

Square Group

change "y" to "i", add "ed":  worried, studied, buried, married, hurried
add "ed": played, stayed, delayed, dismayed, conveyed

Finally, please copy the following vocabulary words onto your work plan to prepare for a quiz on Monday, August 26th.

4th Grade Vocabulary Words

Fundamental- of central importance

Shelter- a structure that provides protection

Fauna- animal life

Vanity- pride in oneself or appearance

Textiles- a woven or knit cloth

Flora- plant life

Culturethe customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group

Folk Artthe traditional, typically anonymous, art of usual non-professional artists

Ornamentation- an object or action done to embellish one's appearance 

Material- relating to physical matter rather than spiritual or intellectual things

5th Grade Vocabulary Words

Gold Rush- a large-scale and hasty movement of people to a region where gold has been discovered, as to California in 1849.

Chisholm Trail- a cattle trail leading North from San Antonio, Texas to Abilene, Kansas It was used for about twenty years after the Civil War.

Black cowboys- Roughly 9,000 African American cowboys who had been freed from slavery to work in the American west.

Westward expansion- The movement of people towards the western United States during and after the Civil War.

Wright Brothers- achieved the first powered flight in an airplane they built themselves in 1903

George Washington Carver- An African American scientist who made an enormous impact on American life by inventing plastics, dyes, medicines, flour, and fertilizers from sweet potatoes and peanuts.

Alexander Graham Bell- invented the telephone in 1875.

Thomas Edison- An inventor best known for creating the first practical light bulb and electrical generating system.

Phonograph- a sound-reproducing machine using records in the form of cylinders or discs.

Transcontinental Railroad- A train route across the United States, finished in 1869.

6th Grade Vocabulary Words 

Eurasia- the large landmass that includes both Europe and Asia

English Channel- a narrow sea between Great Britain and France

Rhine River- a river that originates in the Swiss Alps mountain range and flows northwest to the North Sea

Mediterranean Sea- World’s largest inland sea

Population- the total number of persons inhabiting a country, city, or any district or area.

European Plain- a vast, flat area stretching from France’s Atlantic coast to the Ural Mountains.

Pyrenees- a mountain range that forms a border between France and Spain

Iberian Peninsula- located in southwest Europe, this landmass contains Spain and Portugal

Landform- a specific geomorphic feature on the surface of the earth, ranging from large-scale features such as plains, plateaus, and mountains to minor features such as hills and valleys   

Peninsula- an area of land almost completely surrounded by water except for an isthmus connecting it with the mainland.

There are a number of other special things happening this week.  They include:

Monday- Math MAP assessment
Tuesday- School pictures (free dress down day)
Thursday- Reading MAP assessment & PTA meeting at 6:30 in Ellis MPR

Finally, you will be receiving your first progress report of the year this Tuesday!  Please review it with your family, sign the front cover of the workplan, and return it to your teacher Wednesday.  Part of the report is found at  Feel free to contact me on the Remind app if you have any questions.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mr. Trent

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