Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Week of October 8, 2018

Welcome to the first week of Term 2!  The changing of the terms is a chance for a fresh start! What do you wish to improve upon as we begin this time together?  

Our term will start with some exciting lessons associated with the creation of the United States Constitution, the Great Depression, and exploration of physical and political features of Latin America.  Our novel studies will give us some practice identifying alliteration and onomatopoeia in your texts.  We will also spend some time together focusing on your specific needs in our traits writing program.  As always, be sure to complete all of your followup work, NewsELA comprehension, and Quill assignments by Friday. 

You will have a vocabulary quiz on Monday, October 15th based upon the following words:

You will have a word study quiz Friday based on the following words. Please study them nightly, and consider practicing them during your worktime, as well.

Circle group:

-ian: authoritarian, valedictorian, veterinarian, utilitarian, reptilian
-iest: finickiest, unluckiest, snappiest, portliest, ghastliest  

Triangle group:

Long e (ee):  freeze, creek, sleep, creep, breeze
Long e (ea):  grease, wheat, breathe, squeak, stream

Square group:

Change “y” to “I” before adding suffix: replied, hurries, carried, copies, studied
Add suffix: obeying, decaying, enjoys, displayed, delaying

Parent/Teacher conferences will take place over the next two weeks. Please click HERE to sign up for conference, if you haven't done so already. I'm excited to share with you how we spend our days here at Ellis!

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