Friday, September 7, 2018

The Week of September 10, 2018

Our classroom is abuzz with various works!  I look forward to the amazing studies that are to come in the upcoming week!

Social studies lessons will include the study of environmental concerns in European countries.  We will also continue our studies of the Revolutionary War and WWI.  Please be sure to complete your follow-up assignments by the end of the week.  Our language lessons will include an introduction to the traits writing program that we will be using to structure the research writing we will be doing throughout the year.  Your novel study groups will meet again this week to continue to read and discuss the stories with a focus on using high-level words to describe what is happening in the stories.

Next Monday you will have a vocabulary quiz based upon the following word list: 

Your word study quiz will take place Friday.  Please study the following words to prepare.  You will be asked to spell and sort each word correctly.

Circle group:

-ly: thoughtlessly,  predominantly, conspicuously, mischievously, reluctantly
-ily: extraordinarily, momentarily, militarily, grouchily, ordinarily

Triangle group:

Short e:  edge, enter, scent, edit, center
Long e:  team, bead, eagle, heat, deal

Square group:

Present tense: forget, break, speak, drive, wake
Past tense: forgot, broke, spoke, drove, woke

Important reminder: Fall picture day is Friday, September 14th. This will be a free "dress up" day! Be sure to wear a smile, too!

Have a great weekend!
Mr. Trent

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