Friday, September 22, 2017

The Week of September 25, 2017

Welcome to the first full week of autumn!  I hope this season brings you joy at home and many learning opportunities here at Ellis!

This week, we will continue or research on many of the topics we've introduced over the past few weeks.  Our shelves are filled with resources you can use to study the Constitution of the United States, European countries, outer space, and classification of organisms.  Please remember to finish your follow-up work after each of your lessons.  Your required assignments will include your weekly Google Classroom Journal, in which you will summarize an article about Hurricane Maria.  You will also have a vocabulary quiz Friday.  Please write your assigned vocabulary words in your workplan placket Monday morning.  As always, structure your time so you can achieve your 30 minute weekly goal of online practice.  This week we will also start our Greek and Latin root work that will help you understand the origins of the words we use today.  A weekly Greek and Latin root activity will be part of your required assignments.    

Please review the progress reports that were sent home Friday.  Kindly sign and send it back into school Monday morning.

School pictures were sent home last week.  Please return any unwanted pictures to school.  If you wish to keep them, please submit payment at your earliest convenience.

Finally, Friday is a dress down day for $1.00!  All donations will be given to the Savannah AMBUCS who work closely with local people with disabilities in hopes of increasing their independence and mobility!

Have a great weekend!
Mr. Trent

the dividing decimals material

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