Monday, August 14, 2017

Word Study Practice

Part of our language arts curriculum involves word study lessons.  The word study approach to spelling focuses on specific spelling patterns to teach words.  By identifying patterns in words, students can better understand the rules of the English language.  Students have taken a placement assessment that identified the developmental level group in which they will be a part.  Each group will receive word study work associated with their specific needs.

Every other week you will have ten word study words to explore.  Each of the words will follow a specific spelling pattern.  Your goal is to work to identify the patterns associated with each word and to us that knowledge to help you spell them correctly.  There will be a quiz on Friday to check how well you learned the words and spelling patterns.  You will not only have to spell the words correctly on the quiz, but also sort them into the right pattern category.

There are a number of ways you can study your words.  Check out a few of the below:

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