Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Week of May 14, 2017

It's here: the last week of school!  Let's spend this week enjoying each other's company, and find some closure to our year together as a 6th grade.

You will have some work time this week to complete your "Sailing into Summer" choice sheet.  Please have your four choices completed by the last day of school.  If you chose to write a letter to a future 6th grader, please see me so we can edit it together.  I'll deliver the final copy of your letter to a 6th grader the first week of school next year.  The only other assignment you have due this week is a TenMarks math practice.  

A favorite tradition I have for the end of the year for my homeroom is choosing student superlatives.  Everyone in our class has special talents they bring to our school family.  This tradition will help highlight some of these traits.  Tuesday, you will receive a ballot sheet.  Write one classmate's name next to each superlative (you can only write a name one time).  Place your ballot into the box by the end of the day Wednesday.  I will tally the votes and superlative awards will be given the last day of school!  

Parent/Teacher conferences are taking place this week.  Please let me know if you forget when your conference has been scheduled, or if you need to reschedule.  PowerSchool has been updated with all grades for the 4th quarter and final averages for the year.  Feel free to log-on and check them out before our meeting.  

Enjoy the rest of your LAST weekend of the school year,
Mr. Trent 

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