Friday, February 24, 2017

The Week of February 27, 2017

Happy International Montessori Education Week!  As we spend time our time together over the next week, let's be appreciative of our wonderful school we share.

In math, we will continue our work with measures of central tendency.  Our final exploration of this topic will include creating box-and-whisker plots.  These plots can be used to show how data is distributed among a set.  Use the following online learning tool to help you understand how to create these plots:

You will have homework about box-and-whisker plots due Tuesday and Wednesday.  A quiz on this topic will take place Thursday.  Please also complete you weekly TenMarks assignment by Friday.

Our science studies will allow you to continue your research on early astronomy and our solar system.  Use your "Famous Astronomers" and "Our Solar System" study guides to help you prepare for a test Friday.  Your "Planetary Pathways" choices are due Friday, as well.

Thursday is Cosmic Education night at Ellis!  We will celebrate everything science from 5:30-6:30 in the MPR.  Come and join the fun!

I'll see you Monday,
Mr. Trent

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