Friday, February 24, 2017

Planetary Mentors

We discovered new planets with our mentees this morning!  Together we created our vision of a new world where all the landforms, plants, and animals were created in our imagination.  In the coming weeks we will put our planets together to make an entire amazing universe to explore!

creating planets with our mentees

The Week of February 27, 2017

Happy International Montessori Education Week!  As we spend time our time together over the next week, let's be appreciative of our wonderful school we share.

In math, we will continue our work with measures of central tendency.  Our final exploration of this topic will include creating box-and-whisker plots.  These plots can be used to show how data is distributed among a set.  Use the following online learning tool to help you understand how to create these plots:

You will have homework about box-and-whisker plots due Tuesday and Wednesday.  A quiz on this topic will take place Thursday.  Please also complete you weekly TenMarks assignment by Friday.

Our science studies will allow you to continue your research on early astronomy and our solar system.  Use your "Famous Astronomers" and "Our Solar System" study guides to help you prepare for a test Friday.  Your "Planetary Pathways" choices are due Friday, as well.

Thursday is Cosmic Education night at Ellis!  We will celebrate everything science from 5:30-6:30 in the MPR.  Come and join the fun!

I'll see you Monday,
Mr. Trent

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Progress Reports Issued

Bi-Weekly progress reports were sent home today.  This is the LAST progress report of the 3rd term.  Please be sure to complete any missing required assignments by March 8 (the last day of the term).  I can only accept work from this term up until that day...all work not completed by that day will earn a zero in the gradebook.  Your signed progress reports are due tomorrow.

How old are you on other planets?

Our research has shown us that planets orbit the sun at different speeds.  Because of this, your age on other planets in our solar system would be drastically different than what it is here on Earth.  Use the following site to see your age on other planets!

New Exoplanets Discovered!

Yesterday's news from NASA about the discovery of 7 new exoplanets is well timed with our studies of outer space!  Check out the following resources for more information about this exciting discovery:

NASA exoplanet discovery news conference

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cosmic Education Night

Charles Ellis Montessori Academy
Invites you to share in Cosmic Education
Thursday March 2
5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

PTA’s Science Week culminates this night in a celebration of Maria Montessori’s Cosmic Education.  Students aged four through twelve will be sharing science investigations, experiments, and collections.  Parents are invited to walk through this interactive presentation beginning in the Media Center.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Week of February 20, 2016

I hope you're ready for an exciting week of math and science work in our classroom.  I've planned some interesting lessons for you that I think you'll enjoy!

In math, we will be continuing our work with measures of central tendency.  You will get a chance to show these measures on graphs.  We will be working with the following:

Click on each of the tables/charts above to see an example of each.  You can get some more practice with mean, median, mode, and range doing the following (feel free to hand it in for me to check):

You will have homework Monday and Tuesday evening to complete.  A graphing quiz will take place Thursday.  Your weekly TenMarks assignment is due by Friday.  You will NOT have a Google Classroom Journal assignment this week.

I'm excited to start our final unit of study for the year: outer space!  Our science Montessori shelf is filled with new items for you to explore during your work period!  We will start our space studies by looking at famous astronomers in history.  In addition, we will be taking a look at the planets and other objects found in our own Solar System.  Use the following study guides to focus your thoughts on these topics.  You will have a vocabulary quiz Friday, and a test next Friday.

Famous Astronomers Study Guide

Our Solar System Study Guide and the Week's Vocabulary Words

This "Planetary Pathways" choice sheet can be used during your work time to guide your research.  Three choices are due Friday, March 3.

Have an out-of-this-world weekend!

Mr. Trent

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Week of February 13, 2017: Biomes Brochure Info.

To finish up our studies on weather you will be creating a biome brochure that highlights the climate conditions of a certain area on Earth.  You will use the planning sheet found below to plan your work.  All research and the creation of your brochure must be completed in class.  Your final brochure and planning sheet are due Friday, Februaary 17th.

 It is important that you conduct your research using a variety of resources.  I will have a basket of books you can use on the science shelf.  I've attached a list of the titles at the end of this post.  In addition, feel free to check out the following websites.  Please remember so site all of your sources in your bibliography.  

The only other work you have to complete by Friday is your weekly TenMarks assignment.  This assignment will give you some more practice with measures of central tendency.

I'm sure you are excited for our Valentine exchange on Tuesday!  Feel free to bring in a valentine for each of your classmates to enjoy.  

Mr. Trent

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bi-Weekly Progress Reports Due

Bi-weekly progress reports have been sent home today. Please review them with your family, sign, and return them to your homeroom teacher tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Balloon Barometers

Some students created balloon barometers to track changes in air pressure.  The barometers reacted to the recent storms that passed through the area!

balloon barometers

Saturday, February 4, 2017 Cloud Observation Data

The cloud observation data you've been collecting and sending to NASA through the program is found below.  The table shows the dates/times of the observations, cloud cover, types of clouds observed, and the number/types of contrails.  I've also included a screenshot of showing the observed weather data they have collected during the same time period.  This week we will take a close look at all of this information and see if we can make patterns within it that will help us understand a bit more about how weather is forecast.  

Ellis Data Observed Data (Click to Enlarge)

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Week of February 6, 2017

It's the first full week of February, and our week is chock-full of lessons and fun!

In math, we will move on from geometry to statistics.  We will start by find the mean, median, and mode of a set of numbers.  This may be a skill you have worked on in the past!  My goal for you is to look closely at a set of numbers and see how its mean, median, mode, and range are affected by adding or deleting a number.  This is an important concept to understand especially as you continue to come to terms with how classroom grades are calculated.

Mean, Median, Mode (Click to Enlarge)

You will have homework Monday and Tuesday evening to complete.  Make sure you are also keeping up with your weekly and Google Classroom requirements (you will NOT have a Google Classroom Journal assignment this week).  Your classwork, homework, journal, and Tenmarks will help you prepare for a quiz on mean, median, mode, and range this Thursday.

Check out the great "Dunk Tank" game for some practice with mean, median, and mode!

"Dunk Tank" Mean, Median, and Mode Game

This week we will finish up our research on weather patterns.  I will talk to you a bit more about seasons, and you will get a chance to learn more about them using your "Meteorology Matrix" choice sheet.  Please complete at least three assignments by Friday.  This Friday will also be your test on weather patterns.  Your study guide is the best tool you can use to prepare for the test.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mr. Trent

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine Exchange

It's fun to share kind words with friends to let them know how much we value their friendship.  Let's celebrate our friends with a Valentine exchange!  You are invited to make valentines that will be exchanged with your classmates Tuesday, February 14th!  If you choose to participate, please prepare a valentine for all of your homeroom classmates.

Valentine Exchange - Tuesday, February 14