Friday, January 6, 2017

The Week of January 9, 2017

The week is shaping up to be a good one in our classroom!  I have a number of fun activities planned that will get you thinking critically about geometry and Earth's atmosphere.

This week marks our first exploration of geometry!  We will start our studies by focusing on finding the area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles.  You will get a lot of hands-on practice calculating area that will help you better understand the abstract formulas.  Here is how you will eventually find area using formulas:

You will have homework Monday and Tuesday night to complete, as well as a test Thursday.  Please complete your Google Classroom journal and a TenMarks assignment by Friday for some more math skills practice this week.  

Our science work will continue to focus on Earth's atmosphere.  You can use your work time to complete your "Extreme Skydiving" choice sheet.  Feel free to continue your research even after you have completed the 4 required assignments.  This sheet is due Friday.  You will have a final test on Earth's atmosphere Friday, as well. Use your "Earth's Atmosphere" sort to help you prepare for it.  I've been very impressed with some of the 3-d models of the atmosphere that some of you have been creating!  Be sure to share them with friends so they can better understand each of the layers we've been studying.

Parent/Teacher conferences will take place this week.  I look forward to talking to everyone once again about what is happening in our classroom.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you forget when your conference is, or if you need to reschedule.    

Mr. Trent

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