Friday, November 25, 2016

The Week of November 28, 2016

Greetings from sunny Miami, Florida!  I'm making the most of my Thanksgiving break by spending as much time as possible on the beach!  I hope you are enjoying your time off, too!

There is a lot in store as we start the first few days of December!  I've updated the classroom calendar to reflect all upcoming assignments and tests.  You can get to it by clicking on the "calendar" tab above, or by simply logging onto your Google account (it is synced to your Google Calendar).  

Our math lessons this week will focus on solving algebraic equations.  We will be "using inverse operations to isolate the variables".  While this may sound a bit confusing, with practice you will catch on.  Here is a quick-reference chart you can use when working problems:

Solving Equations Quick-Reference Chart (Click to enlarge)

As usual, you will have homework Monday and Tuesday evening to complete.  Your lessons, TenMarks requirement (due Friday), and Google Classroom journal (due Friday) will help you prepare for a quiz on solving equations Thursday.  

If you'd like some more practice solving equations, check out the following sheets.  The answers to the problems can also be found in the document.  

Last week's super moon brought with it some high tides to the Savannah area.  High tides were also seen in many other places, too!  Here in Miami Beach, the high tide stranded an octopus in a parking garage that flooded!

Our science studies over the next two weeks will focus on tides!  We will research what causes them to happen, the different types of tides, and how tides range in height at different times and places.  Use the following vocab. words and study guide to help you prepare for your test this Friday (vocabulary) and next Friday (final).  

To help guide your research, please complete the following choice sheet by next Friday.  While doing so, continue to reflect on those things in your life for which you are Thankful!

Take advantage of the rest of your holiday break!  I'll see you again Monday morning!  
Mr. Trent

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