Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Week of November 14, 2016

This week is shaping up to be a good one!  Our math studies will shift from ratios/proportions to some algebra work.  Our science work will involve research into where water is found on our planet.

Don't be afraid when you hear the word "algebra"!  We will start our discussions about algebra by taking a look at reading and writing expressions.  Expressions are nothing more than number sentences that contain numbers, computation symbols, and variables.  You will see that expressions DO NOT contain an equals sign.  Check out the following resource for more information about reading and writing expressions:

You will have homework Monday and Tuesday evening, as well as a quiz Thursday.  Please complete your weekly TenMarks assignment by Friday.  You will NOT have a journal this week.

Are you up for a challenge to help you practice writing expressions?  See if you can be a "hundredaire" in this game!

We've been talking a lot about ocean over the past few weeks, but that's not where all of the water on Earth is located!  This week, you will discover the many other places where water can be found on our beautiful planet.  Use the following vocabulary list to study for your quiz this Friday.  

The following choice sheet will guide you in your research this week.  Please note that TWO choices are due this Friday (November 18).  This is a departure from your routine of having two weeks to complete a choice sheet, but next week is truncated because of Thanksgiving break.  There will be no other test on Earth's water disruption other than your vocabulary quiz. 

I've updated the class calendar to reflect all work due this week.  Please also pay close attention when we fill in our planners each day to write down all important due dates.

I'll see you Monday morning,
Mr. Trent

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