Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Week of October 17, 2016

Wow, what an exciting week!  I hope you and your family are safely recovering from Hurricane Matthew.  The power of nature is rarely seen more than during a hurricane; and I hope the good people of Savannah never have to experience something as destructive as Matthew anytime soon.  I am looking forward to seeing you when we return to school, and hearing your hurricane stories.

The time we had off during the hurricane has affected our schedule a number of ways:

1.  All parent/teacher conferences will need to be rescheduled.  Please be on the look out for another parent/teacher conference signup form.  Return it to me as soon as possible.  I will staple your updated conference time into your planner.

2.  Because we missed the last day of the term, I will allow any work from the first term to be handed in Monday, October 17th for full credit (UPDATE:  ALL WORK IS DUE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19).  Please log into the PowerSchool program to see if you are missing any work.

3.  The date report cards will be issued later than originally planned.  I will update our classroom calendar to reflect this change as new information come available.

4.  This week is the first week of term 2.  All work handed in starting Tuesday will be entered as second term grades.

The first math lesson of the second term will be about using proportions.  You've already had some experience with proportions when we spoke about unit rates. I will show you a number of way proportions can help you solve problems you may encounter during your everyday life.  You will have homework to complete Monday and Tuesday evening, a Google Classroom Journal due Friday, and some proportion practice at due Friday.  All of this work will help you prepare for a quiz on Thursday.  Check out the following game to help you understand proportions!

Our second term science lessons will focus on water!   First, we will dive deep below the surface of the ocean and take a look at undersea topography!  Our lessons will include a number of vocabulary words you will be quizzed on Friday, October 21.  You will have a final test on ocean topography Friday, October 28.  Use the following study guide and vocab. sheet to help you prepare.  We will fill in the "Ocean Floor" notes during Monday's lesson.  NOTE:  The dates on the follow sheet is incorrect because it was printed before the hurricane days.

As you research the ocean floor, use the following "GO FISH" choice sheet to help keep you on track.  It will be due Friday, October 28.

I look forward to seeing you when we return to school Monday.

Mr. Trent

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