Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Fun Week of Field Trips!

We had a great time this week learning about he importance of the Savannah River while touring River Street and viewed some amazing works of art at the SCAD Museum of Art!  Be looking forward to your next trip on Friday, May 6th to the Tybee Lighthouse and beach!

The Model of Savannah at the Massie School

The SCAD Museum of Art

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Week of April 25, 2016

Get ready for an exciting week at school!  Our week will start with your giving your science presentations.  Be sure to give me your rubric before you begin so I can write some feedback on it.  Remember that being a good audience is just as important as being a good presenter.

Maria Montessori spoke extensively about the importance of field trips or, as she called them, "going out".  Wednesday we will go to River Street for a guided tour of Savannah's famous water front.  Thursday, my homeroom will go to the SCAD Museum of Art.  Please hand in your permission slips if you have not done so already.

This week is also the "Buy One Get One Free" Book Fair in the media center.  Ms. Laura has been working hard to set up a fun fair for you.  Be sure to check it out!

Enjoy your long weekend!
Mr. Trent

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

River Street Fieldtrip

On Wed, April 27 we will be taking a field trip to River Street!  The docents at the Massie School Museum will take us on a guided tour of Savannah's famous waterfront street.  We will learn all about the Savannah River and the impact it has had on our city's past, present, and future.  Our day will end with a pleasant picnic along the river.  Please return your permission slip as soon as possible.  You can get another copy HERE, if needed.

River Street in Savannah, GA

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Week of April 18, 2016

It's going to be a short, action-packed week at Ellis!  GMAS will continue with the science test Monday and the Social Studies test Wednesday.  Thursday will me make-up-day for any missed tests.  You're almost finished!

During our work time you will be able to continue preparations on your science presentation.  Keep in mind your "presentation focus goal" as you create your speech, and don't forget to follow your rubric so you know exactly what to include.   I suggest that you through your PIN folders at home and bring in any works associated with your topic.   Presentations will begin Monday, April 25.

Remember, you will NOT have school this Friday because it is a teacher work day.

Please remember to hand in your field trip permission slip to the Tybee Lighthouse SCAD Museum.    Click HERE if you need another copy.

Finally, f you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, you should check out Earth Day in Forsyth Park on Saturday!

Mr. Trent

Friday, April 15, 2016

Science Review Presentations

I've really enjoyed hearing all of your math review presentations!  The amount of effort and preparation put forth in creating these speeches is very apparent, and I appreciate how seriously you've taken this assignment.

We will continue our review of this year's content by having another session of student-created lessons.  This time, we will focus on our science studies.  Use the following rubric to prepare a 3-7 minute speech on a science topic we've studied this year.  Your topic will be randomly chosen, and we will start presenting our work Monday, April 25.  This will count as a science test grade.

When preparing your speech, use the feedback from your math presentation to choose one area of need to improve upon during this presentation.

I look forward to seeing the creative ways you will share you science knowledge!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Week of April 11, 2016

This week marks a departure from our "normal" schedule because of GMAS testing.  I'm excited for another chance for you to "show what you know"!  When viewed with your classwork, homework, classroom assessments, projects, and other creations, the test can be thought of as just another opportunity to show off all you've learned this year.  As long as you try your best, you can be proud of yourself!

Monday will follow a regular schedule where we will finish up our math review presentations.  I've really enjoyed seeing you share your knowledge with your schoolmates.  I'm most impressed with the courage many of you've shown in speaking in front of your peers.  You are definitely putting our weekly grace and courtesy focus, courage, into practice!

The GMAS schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, April 12

GMAS Language Section 1 and 2

Wednesday, April 13
GMAS Language Section 3

Thursday, April 14


Friday, April 15 
GMAS: Make-up Tests

Monday, April 18
GMAS Science

Tuesday, April 19
GMAS Social Studies

Wednesday, April 20
GMAS: Make-up Tests

As you know, testing days can be long and mentally draining.  Please make it a point to go to be at an appropriate hour each night and have a healthy breakfast each morning.  School breakfast is provided for free, as always, if needed.  

As stated earlier, our schedule will be modified to accommodate testing.  Your lunch, recess, and explorations times will change.  Each morning, I will make you aware of such changes.  Please be flexible as we move through the next two weeks together.  

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mr. Trent