Tuesday, January 26, 2016

S'Cool Project: Our Partnership with NASA

The S'COOL Project involves students in real science, making and reporting ground truth observations of clouds to assist in the validation of NASA's CERES satellite instruments. 

Clouds are an important part of our atmosphere, and scientists are studying how they affect our weather and climate. S'COOL observations provide one more piece of the puzzle (description taken from S'COOL Project website).

Our classroom will be participating in the program by making daily observations of cloud cover and sending it off to the scientists at NASA for their review.  Not only will this help us with our studies on weather and clouds, but it will also provide valuable information concerning the validity of data collected from the weather satellites.    

The data will then be used to help calibrate the CERES weather instrument!  I'm excited for our students to become partners with those at NASA to improve upon weather satellite research.    

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