Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Week of August 31, 2015

As of Saturday morning, it looks like Tropical Storm Erika doesn't pose too much of a threat to us here in Savannah.  We could be in for quite a bit of rain, but there's definitely no need to worry about tropical force winds.

In math, we will use our knowledge of greatest common factor to help us better understand the distributive property.  Check out this video from for a little introduction to the process.
The Distributive Property

Here is a sheet you can use to get a little more practice with the distribute property.  The answers are found at the bottom of the page.

You will have distributive property homework Monday and Tuesday evening to complete.  Your lessons, homework, and classwork will help you prepare for a quiz Thursday.  

In science, we will continue our studies of the rock cycle.  I'm glad to see that all the rock specimens we have on our Montessori shelves are being put to good use as you explore their characteristics.  Continue to challenge yourself to hold and observe as many rocks as you can each day this week.  Complete your Hard Rock Cafe choice sheet as you conduct your research.  You will have a test on the rock cycle this Friday.  The best way to study at home is to use the study guide I provided you last Monday.  I know a lot of you chose to make flashcards of your vocabulary words...they are a great resource for you to use, as well!  

As always, I've updated the classroom calendar with all these important due dates.  Please keep your planner updated, too.

Mr. Trent

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