Friday, February 6, 2015

The Week of February 9, 2015

This upcoming week at Ellis will be chock-full of opportunities for you to explore the world around you.  Our week will start out with some lessons on volume, continue with some more weather research, and end with a field trip to the Beach Institute!  

Our math studies will continue to focus on geometric solids.  Instead of looking at surface area, we will be practicing how to find the volume of solids.  You will have homework Monday and Tuesday evenings to complete as well as two Compass Learning assignments.  Your math journal will be due Friday.  All of this practice should get you ready for your quiz on volume that will take place Thursday.  You can also use the resource below to help you master the skill of finding volume.

Our science studies will continue to focus on weather patterns.  Please complete the "Meteorology Matrix" choice sheet by Friday.  You final test on weather patterns will take place that day, also.  You can use your study guide to help you prepare.

There are a number of other exciting things to look forward to this week.  First, the PTA has organized a number of guest speakers to visit the room and talk to you about science topics.  Secondly, we will have an assembly on Rosa Parks this Thursdays as part of our celebration of Black History Month.  Finally, our field trip to the Beach Institute will take place Friday.  Please remember to hand in your permission slip and $2.00 by this Wednesday.

Have an enjoyable weekend,
Mr. Trent

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