Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Week of December 15, 2014

Welcome to the week of "lasts":

- The last school week of the month.
- The last school week of the year.
- The last week of the second term.
- The last week "2014" will be part of your "name, date, activity" procedure.

Let's use this week to get some closure on both the calendar year and term 2.  This about your successes and areas of struggle over the past term.  What can you do to improve your life inside and outside of school in the new year based on what you've learned?  Perhaps thinking about such things could help you choose a New Year's resolution, if that is part of your holiday traditions.

We will continue our work with inequalities this week in math.  Together we will explore solving inequalities and plotting them on a number line.  This can be a tricky skill to master, so please exercise extra focus with your math studies.  Here is a great resource you can use when working with solving and graphing inequalities: 


You will have two Compass Learning requirements to complete by Friday, as well as a weekly journal entry.  You will NOT have a Compass Learning or journal assignment this week.  These assignments (as well as your homework on Monday and Tuesday night) will help you prepare for you last math quiz of the term on Thursday.

In science, we will continue to look at the distribution of Earth's water.  While you will not have a choice sheet or a quiz this week, you will be complete a number of classwork activities that will help you further understand where water is found here on Earth.  As a culminating activity, you will be creating a written response about examples of the "Unconscious Exchange of Services" you've come across so far this year in your research.  Your written response is due Friday, December 19th.

As you know, this Friday is the last day of the term.  All work from term 2 is due by that day.  Any work not handed in by Friday will be given a score of "zero".

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Mr. Trent

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