Friday, November 7, 2014

The Week of November 10, 2014

I've had a great time in Orlando, Florida at the National Science Teachers Association Conference.  I have so many awesome things to share with you from my time spent there!

This upcoming week in math we will be taking a look at some basic algebra.  Don't be afraid...we'll start at the beginning with learning how to write algebraic expressions.  The key to understanding how to do so is identifying key words.  Here is a practice sheet that tells you all about how to do it and gives you some practice problems to complete.  The answers are found at the bottom of the page.

You will have homework to complete Monday and Wednesday night (this is a bit different from our normal routine because we do not have school Tuesday).  You will also need to complete a Compass Learning assignment and a journal activity on Google Classroom by Friday.  This practice will prepare you for a quiz on writing expressions Thursday.

In science we will continue our research on oceans.  Over the next two weeks, I will ask you to focus your work on tides.  Here are a copy of your notes, vocabulary words (quiz Friday), and your choice sheet to guide your research (due next Friday).

Please keep in mind that Tuesday is a school holiday for Veterans' Day.  Be sure to structure your worktime in such a way that you can complete all of your required assignments in a timely manner.

I'll see you Monday morning,
Mr. Trent

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