Sunday, November 30, 2014

6th Grade Ellis Student 'Letter to the Editor" Published in Savannah Morning News

Congratulations to Makayla West, whose letter to the editor concerning ocean pollution was published in the Saturday, November 29th 2014 edition of the Savannah Morning News!

Fight plastic pollution, one piece at time 
Pollution can travel thousands of miles in an ocean gyre. The pollution and waste clumps in the middle of the gyres, and then go onto the coastlines of the beaches. 
A negative effect on the environment is that when baby sea turtles go to the ocean, they go into the ocean gyres, because in the middle there is seaweed, and the turtles use the seaweed for shelter. 
There are two practical ways to decrease the amount of plastic used in daily life. One is to pick up five pieces of plastic pollution, which I do whenever I’m out. Anther is to buy items that have the least amount of plastic packaging.

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