Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Week of April 7, 2014

Welcome to the first week of April!  While I do enjoy the warm weather, the pollen that comes with it I could do without.  I think we've gone through more boxes of tissues in the classroom since spring break than we have the entire year!  Between your sneezes, we have quite a busy week in room 18.

The math review theme for the week is expressions and equations.  We will focus on the following topics:

The website Learnzillion has some great videos on how to work with expressions and equations.  Click the logo below to check it out.

Learnzillion Expressions and Equations Practice Tools

In class, we will review do a lot of reviewing together focusing on expressions and equations.  Your Compass Learning time will include additional practice based upon the lesson you requested.  You will have a review quiz on Thursday.  These review quizzes are "give me" grades...90% of the questions are taken directly from your classwork that we complete together!  Take advantage of this fact by using your classwork pages to prepare for the upcoming quiz.  

We will also be working through the last administration of the MAP assessment.  We will compare this score to the one you had at the beginning of the year to show the growth your made in math.  Your results will be shared at the end-of-the-year parent/teacher conferences.  

In science, we will wrap up our studies on outer space by looking at the origin of our universe and other object, besides plants, found within it.  First, I will present the beginning of the God With No Hands Montessori great lesson to get our minds contemplating how the universe may have begun.  Here is a copy of the script the 4,5,6 classes wrote when we presented the great lesson as a musical!

We will then talk about the lifecycle of stars.  Here is a great diagram showing the lifecycle of stars.  

The Lifecyle of Stars - Click to Enlarge

Finally, we will investigate the differences between comets, meteors, meteoroids, meteorites, and asteroids.  You will have a vocabulary quiz based upon the following words this Friday.

To help guide your research, please complete the following choice sheet.  It is due THURSDAY, April 17... we do not have school Friday, April 18.

You will have your final test on outer space Thursday, April 18.  Use the following study guide to help you prepare for it.

Now is the time you should be spending a lot of time in your PIN folders reviewing both math and science topics we've studied this year.  First, look at your past tests and identify things you need to practice a bit more.  If you have trouble finding materials to help you study, please let me know and I can get items together for you.  Don't forget to check out my CRCT Review page on this blog for more ways you can get ready for the tests.   Testing dates are found on the classroom calendar.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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