Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Live Classroom!

I'm excited to share a new feature of our classroom called Aurasma!  Simply download the Aurasma app on your device, follow "takissinger", and use it to explore our virtual classroom via augmented reality! 

Explore our classroom, and look for the following icon:
The Aurasma logo indicates and interactive area of our classroom. 

When you view that part of the classroom using the Aurasma app, you will see a hidden image or video only visible using the app!  For example, today students viewed a weather picture on our welcome board and saw a comic strip about certain weather conditions that can cause health problems. 

The City of Savannah is also has Aurasma "hot spots" all over the city!  Check out this article from the Savannah Morning News for more information! 

Have fun searching!

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