Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting to Know Some Famous Astronomers

We are having a great time studying some astronomers throughout history this week.  Students are writing first-person narratives and performing them with puppets, creating models of the geocentric and heliocentric theories, and using home-made astrolabes to measure altitude.  Kepler, Galileo, and Hubble would be proud!

studying famous astronomers

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Progress Reports

Progress reports were sent home today. Please review, sign, and return them to your homeroom teacher tomorrow.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Trent

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Week of February 24, 2014

Happy International Montessori Week!  We are so lucky to have a public Montessori school here in Savannah, GA!  This week, Ellis will join students, teachers, and families around the world in celebrating the Montessori philosophy!  On Wednesday, we will be gathering around the peace pole in the schoolyard for a school-wide peace celebration.  This Friday, it is a dress down day...we invite you to have fun dressing up as Maria, Mario, or even your favorite Montessori material!

Google Founders talk Montessori Education

In addition to all the celebrating, we will also be having some interesting lessons.  In math we will be talking about Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD, for short).  MAD has an intimidating name, and sounds a bit scary!  While the procedures to find MAD can be intense, with practice you should be able to calculate it no sweat.

Calculating MAD (Click to enlarge)

After a lesson and practice on Monday and Tuesday, I will assign some homework Tuesday and Wednesday night.  These lessons, classwork, and homework assignments will prepare you for a quiz on MAD this Thursday.  Your Compass Learning activity, as always, is due Friday.  

In science, we will be starting our studies of outer space!  Over the next two weeks you will get to know some famous astronomers throughout history!  Check out these short biographies that I will share with you on Monday.

Famous Astronomers 

You will have two weeks to study these astronomers and their contributions to the study of outer space.  Use this study guide to help you:

This Friday you will have a vocabulary quiz on the following words:

To guide your research about these astronomers, you will need to complete three choices on this "Planetary Pathways" sheet.  This is due next Friday.

Planetary Pathways

It's going to be a busy and fun week!  I'm looking forward to celebrating Montessori and learning new things with you!

Mr. Trent

Massie Heritage Center Field Trip

We had a lot of fun today visiting the Massie Heritage Center.  We learned all about the architecture of buildings found in Savannah.  We even got a chance to walk around a few squares looking at architectural details before we had to run inside from the rain!

A Field Trip to the Massie Heritage Center

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Graphing Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

We are up to our eyeballs in data collection this week!  We've been playing quick games and looking at weather charts to gather all sorts of numbers to work with.  We've created tally charts, frequency charts, bar charts, histograms, stem & leaf charts, and line graphs based on the measures of central tendencies we've been investigating.

Collecting and reporting data

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Week of February 16, 2014

Did you feel the Valentine's Day earthquake here in Savannah?  While not common in this part of the country, earthquakes can and do happen here occasionally.  Do you remember what causes earthquakes from our studies earlier this year on plate tectonics?

In math this week we will continue our talks about mean, median, mode, and range (also known as measures of central tendency).  We will use our knowledge of these statistical calculations to see if we can visually represent the data in graphs.  The graphs we will be working are: tally tables, frequency charts, histograms, and dot plots.

You will have homework to complete Monday and Tuesday night and a quiz on Thursday.  Be sure to complete your Compass Learning assignment by Friday.

In science, our topic continues to be weather patterns.  Use your "Meteorology Matrix" choice sheet to guide your research.  Three choices from the matrix are due by Friday.  You will also want to be reviewing your study guide to prepare for your test on Friday.  During lab time this week we will be taking a close look at seasonal temperature changes based on locations at different latitudes.

There are a number of other items happening this week that are posted on the classroom calendar.  Here are a few:

1.  Be sure to return your Massie Heritage Center field trip permission forms by Wednesday.  The trip will take place this Friday.

2.  Ms. Carla will be visiting us this Wednesday for a guidance lesson.

3.  The "Father Daughter Dance" will take place this Friday evening in the MPR.  See the invitation in your mailbox for more information.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday,
Mr. Trent

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines for the Residents of Riverview

We spent our rainy day recess today creating valentines for the residents of the Riverview Rehabilitation Center.  We sure hope our friendly messages bring happiness to their day!

Valentines for the residents of Riverview Rehabilitation Center

2 Hour Delay on Thursday, February 13, 2014

SCCPSS schools will be on a two-hour delay tomorrow.  Classes will begin at 10:30 am.  Morning math tutorial is cancelled. 

Our Live Classroom!

I'm excited to share a new feature of our classroom called Aurasma!  Simply download the Aurasma app on your device, follow "takissinger", and use it to explore our virtual classroom via augmented reality! 

Explore our classroom, and look for the following icon:
The Aurasma logo indicates and interactive area of our classroom. 

When you view that part of the classroom using the Aurasma app, you will see a hidden image or video only visible using the app!  For example, today students viewed a weather picture on our welcome board and saw a comic strip about certain weather conditions that can cause health problems. 

The City of Savannah is also has Aurasma "hot spots" all over the city!  Check out this article from the Savannah Morning News for more information! 

Have fun searching!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Announcements

Check out these classroom announcements:

 1.       Progress reports have been sent home today.  Please review, sign, and return them to your homeroom teacher by Wednesday, February 12.

2.      The student athletes of Charles Ellis are conducting the annual carnation sale.  The sales table is located in the MPR each morning between 8 and 8:30.  The cost is $2.  The carnations will be delivered on Friday, February 14 between 10:30 and 12:00. 

3.      Celebrate Bike to School Day! Bike or walk with us from Hull Park on March 4th. Get on the Bike Train leaving Hull Park at 8:05 am!  Please remember to wear a helmet if on wheels!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Week of February 10, 2014

Happy Valentine's Week!  Don't let cupid's arrow distract you from your school work this week; we have a busy one ahead!

In math, we will move on from geometry to statistics.  We will start by find the mean, median, and mode of a set of numbers.  This may be a skill you have worked on in the past!  My goal for you is to look closely at a set of numbers and see how its mean, median, and mode are affected by adding or deleting a number.  This is an important concept to understand especially as you continue to come to terms with how classroom grades are calculated.

Mean, Median, Mode (Click to Enlarge)

You will have homework Monday and Tuesday evening to complete.  Make sure you are also keeping up with your weekly Compass Learning requirement.  Your classwork, homework, and Compass Learning will help you prepare for a quiz on mean, median, and mode this Thursday.

Check out the great "Dunk Tank" game for some practice with mean, median, and mode!

"Dunk Tank" Mean, Median, and Mode Game

Weather Patterns Lesson

In science, we will continue our studies in weather.  We will now look at some patterns meteorologists use to help them forecast the weather.  After an introductory lesson Monday, I will set your free to do your own research using the following choice sheet to guide the way:

Your choice sheet is due next Friday.  A test on weather patterns will also take place next Friday.  You can use the following study guide to help you prepare (the sheet also includes the words for THIS Friday's vocabulary quiz):

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Trent

Last Friday we enjoyed giving lessons on symmetry during our mentor time.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Investigating Volume

Today students worked hard to create various rectangular prisms using centimeter cubes.  We soon discovered that the volume of such solids can be found by multiplying the area of the base by its height.  Nicely done, class!

We used centimeter cubes to demonstrate the formula v=l x w x h.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

S'Cool Scavenger Hunt

Next week we will be starting our partnership with the NASA S'COOL Program!  For the remainder of the year, we will be making cloud observations and sending them to scientists at NASA. They will use the data we collect to help calibrate the CERES weather instrument that is traveling high above us in a satellite! 

Before we begin our work collecting cloud observation data as part of the NASA S'Cool project, see if you can find the answers to these scavenger hunt questions using data collected by last year's 6th grade class.

Click HERE to try the S'Cool data scavenger hunt!

Do you want to learn more about the S'COOL program and the CERES satellite?  Check out this video!