Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Week of December 16, 2013

It's the last week of school for 2013!  I hope this past year has been full of happiness and joy, and wish you an upcoming year even better than the last!  Let's see what's in store for this week:

In math, we will talk about negative numbers.  Using number lines, we will investigate opposites of numbers and absolute value.

After some classwork and homework based upon these topics, we will have a quiz on Thursday.  This will be your last grade for the term, so please try your best (as always).  We will use our time in the afternoon together to work on your Compass Learning assignment for the week.

In science, we will be completing a writing assignment.  This assignment will allow you to review everything we've studies so far this year and put it into the context of the Unconscious Exchange of Services matrix we discussed at the beginning of the year.  Please follow this plan when completing your assignment.

You will be given class time to complete your assignment.  Your rough draft will be due Wednesday, and your final copy will be due Thursday.  This is your last assignment of the term in science.  It will be counted as a test grade.

In addition to it being a free dress-down day, this Friday is also the annual Ellis holiday sing along at 2:00 in the schoolyard!

It's going to be a wonderful week!
Mr. Trent

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