Friday, November 1, 2013

The Week of November 4, 2013 (UPDATED)

Welcome to the first week of November!  Have you noticed that it is a bit darker in the mornings when you are preparing for school?  This is a natural yearly occurrence as our amazing planet travels around the sun while tipped on its axis.  We will talk more about this, and many other things, when we talk about outer space later on in the year.  If you are interested in learning about it now, check out the bottom section of our science Montessori shelf during your work time.  Also, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before bed on Saturday night!

I'm very excited to math this week because I will be showing you a new material you can use to make working with algebraic expressions and equations a snap:  algebra tiles.  I will show you how to use these tiles this week, and you will have plenty of time to practice during our work time.  I will not assign math homework, but you will have an open-note quiz on Thursday.  UPDATE:  You will NOT have a math quiz on Thursday.  Please also complete your Compass Learning assignment by Friday.You can use the following algebra tiles template to practice at home, if you wish.

Algebra Tiles

You can also try your hand at modeling expressions using this online algebra tile activity.

Modeling expressions online algebra tiles activity

In science, we will continue our research concerning currents and waves.  Please work with good purpose to complete your Seafood Feast choice sheet by Friday.  You can use your notes that we took last Monday and Tuesday to study for your upcoming test.  Here's another copy of the notes if you need them:

There's just a few more items to keep in mind this week:

1.  Scoliosis screenings will take place in the nurses office on Monday.  There is nothing special you must do to prepare for this, it is literally a 5 second examination.  UPDATE:  Scoliosis screenings have been rescheduled.

2.  I will not be in school Wednesday because I will be attending a workshop on Elba Island concerning natural gas.  The workshop will help me prepare upcoming lessons for you about natural resources.    I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures and share them with you when I return.  UPDATE:  I will also be absent on Tuesday to attend a last minute meeting.

Finally, here's a pic from our work with Ms. Kirsten's class.  We spent some time Friday afternoon helping the younger students with their nature studies by making leaf rubbings.

Leaf rubbings with Ms. Kirsten's Class.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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