Monday, October 28, 2013

From Expressions to Currents

Today was a busy day in math and science class.  We started out with an expression word sort that prepared us to begin reading and writing algebraic expressions.

Word choice is important when writing expressions.

Next, we moved on to talking about ocean currents.  Click below for a link to the amazing surface currents video we viewed in class.

"Perpetual Ocean" is an artistic masterpiece created using time-lapsed images from NASA showing surface currents in motion.  

Finally, we investigated the cause of deep-ocean currents by viewing a demonstration that proved that cold water is more dense than warm water.  As seen in the picture below, the cold blue water does not mix with the warm clear water above it.

Because it is more dense, the cold (blue) water does not mix with the warmer water above it.  Such changes in temperature (and salinity) cause deep ocean currents to form.  

I look forward to seeing what else you discover this week about expressions and ocean currents!

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