Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Fundamental Needs of Humans

"The Fundamental Needs of Humans" Chart

As an introduction to our science curriculum, we talked of the Fundamental Needs of Humans.  This lesson included a spirited discussion concerning what all humans require to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.  The students planned an extended trip to a deserted island with only limited room for supplies.
Students brainstorm items they believe would be valuable during an extended stay on a deserted island.

We quickly discovered the differences between a necessity and a luxury!  At the end of the activity, we agreed that humans need the same items found on the Fundamental Needs of Humans chart that is found on our Montessori science shelf.  With this in mind, we will discover in our Earth Science studies this year how both living and nonliving things here on Earth enable us to meet these needs in part through the "Unconscious Exchange of Services". 

"The Unconscious Exchange of Services" Chart shows the interactions (positive, negative, and mutually beneficial) between living and nonliving things on Earth.

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