Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Week of April 29, 2013

Welcome to the last week of April!  As you know, CRCT starts this week.  Similar to your homework, choice sheets, and classroom tests, the CRCT is just another way to show what you know.   The best way you can prepare at this point is to relax and have confidence in yourself!  Here is the CRCT schedule:

Tuesday                 April 30          Reading
Wednesday           May 1            ELA
Thursday                May 2            Math
Monday                 May 6            Science
Tuesday                 May 7            Social Studies

In addition to this testing, we will also have some time to work on your science choice sheet.  The choice sheet is due Friday.  On Friday you will also have a test on the environmentalism lessons we've had.  Please do not stress over this test.  I understand you have a lot of testing this week, so I will allow you to use your notes on the test.

We will also have some time to work on our musical script.  Once finalized, we will start working on the cast list.  If you have any entries for the poster contest, please give them to Ms. Tiia Monday.

Mr. Charles has just announced that this Friday is another dress down day!  It will cost $1.00, and the money raised will benefit the Relay for Life charity.  

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