Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Week of April 15, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful week of April 14th!  I hope you had a nice weekend, and are ready to knock another week at Ellis out of the park!

In math, we will start our review lessons that you signed up for last week.  I'm so glad you've took choosing your lessons so seriously.  As I was going through looking at what you signed up for, I agreed with most of what you stated as your needs.  I'm looking forward to sitting and reviewing with you throughout the week.  You followup from the lessons will be in the form of assignments on Compass Learning.  When you log on, you will find three assignments that match the lessons you signed up for.  Please complete these followup assignments by Friday.  Also keep in mind that these Compass Learning assignments will be taken as a grade, and will be added to PowerSchool.  It is very important that you are taking your time on these assignments. 

In science, you will be finishing up your solar system research and essay.  Remember to follow the rubric to receive as many points as you possibly can.  I've already read some of your essays, and I'm very impressed so far with the work.  You will not have a test in science this week because your essay will be counted as a test grade.

The book fair continues through Tuesday of this week.  When visiting the media center, please take a token, write a pass, and sign out.  Sign back in upon your return.  Also remember put your token back into the box so others can visit the media center, too.

Finally, we will begin work on this year's musical this week!  The theme of the musical is "The Black Strip: The Story of Life".  It will tell the story of life on earth from single-celled organisms to today's humans!  We will be in charge of the "reptiles" portion of the story.  This week's task is to create a 5-8 minute skit telling the story of reptiles.  We will also need to choose a song to sing.  This is one of my favorite yearly traditions, and I'm so excited to get started!

See you Monday,
Mr. Trent

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