Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Week of March 4, 2013

It's here:  St. Patrick's Day month!  May the luck of the Irish be upon you as you travel through your days at Ellis!

We are continuing with our geometric focus this week in math by investigating volume.  From conversations with many of you, I can tell most of you have had some experience with volume already.  This is great!  We are really going to challenge your basic conceptions about what volume is, and try to solve some pretty intense volume-inspired challenges.  I'm looking forward to working though these challenges with you!

Check out the LearnZillion page below for some great videos and practice on volume.

In addition, here is a great resource you can refer to for help.  Please keep in mind that we will only be focusing on rectangular and triangular prisms in class this year.  But, you are more than welcome to try to find the volume of more complex solids, if you wish.  

As always, you will have math homework and classwork to complete.  Be expecting a quiz on volume on Thursday.  You also have two new Compass Learning assignment in your folder to complete by Friday.  Finally, your journal (due Thursday) will have a volume theme to it.

This week in science we will be taking a look at the special relationships shared by the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  This will include concepts like seasons, phase of the moon, and eclipses.  I will share the following Prezi with you on Monday:

Here is a copy of the pages you can use to prepare for your science vocabulary test on Friday and your chapter test next Friday (We will fill in the missing words on the study guide during our lesson on Monday).  Please keep in mind that you will need to memorize the vocabulary words AND the phases of the moon for you test this Friday!

To guide you along in your studies, please complete four choices from the following "Lunar Lunchbox" menu.  These choices will be due Friday, March 15.

Sometime during the week, Ms. Classie is going to ask you to complete a survey.  It is going to ask you many questions about your days at Ellis.  Please take this survey very seriously and answer each question honestly.  The results of this survey will be used to make our school an even better place to be!

It's time to send home progress reports this week.  Ms. Carol and myself will give them to you Monday.  Please take them home, review them with your family, sign them, and return them to us Tuesday.  If you are missing assignments, please complete them ASAP and hand them in.  I do not take off for late work, but not completing your work in a timely manner will negatively affect your performance in class and on tests.  In addition, frequent late assignments often show a need for improvement in your time management and organization skills.  Please see me if you need some suggestions on how to better improve upon this.

Finally, this week's grace and courtesy focus is COURAGE.  A student who shows courage:

--Seeks help and clarification only when necessary
--Participates in class activities and uses grace and courtesy
--Predicts consequences and takes responsibility for actions.

Have a wonderful week,
Mr. Trent

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