Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Week of March 11, 2013

Have you and your family taken the time to change all of the clocks in your house for Daylight Saving's time?  While you did lose an hour of sleep, take comfort in the fact that Daylight Savings signals that spring is right around the corner!

Get ready for a fun week of math lessons all about mean, median, mode, and range!  Here's a great Brainpop video that reviews the topic:

To work with mean, median, and mode we will need to gather a lot of data.  We will start by taking a look at some of the greatest New York Yankees home run hitters.  We will calculate the mean, median, mode, and range of the players' batting records.  

Once we get the hang of it, you will get a chance to create your own sports card where you will record your statistics gathered from completing a number of physical challenges.  Will you be inducted into the  coin-flipping hall of fame or become one of the fastest students at jumping jacks in the history of Ellis?!?  We'll find out this week!

In addition to this work, you will have some other classwork and homework to complete.  All of this practice will prepare you to take a quiz on mean, median, mode, and range on Thursday.  Please keep in mind that you must also complete your Compass Learning assignment by Friday.  

This week is also an exciting mathematical celebration:  Pi Day is on Thursday!  To get into the 3.14 spirit, we will be making personal pizza pies.  While we are waiting for them to bake, we will calculate their area and circumferences.  We will do this, of course, with the help of Pi.

In science, we will continue our work with Earth, Sun, and Moon relationships.  Please remember that the "Lunar Lunchbox" choice sheet is due Friday.  In addition, use your study guide to help you prepare for the Earth, Sun, and Moon test Friday.  Your journal will also have you thinking critically about what we are studying in science:  you will be creating a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting lunar and solar eclipses.  Speaking of eclipses, here is a copy of the lab that will be available for you to try on the science shelf:

We also have a number of "Kiss a Pig" American Diabetes Association fundraisers happening this week.  St. Patrick's Day gear will be for sale before school in the lobby.  In addition, Coach Leslie is hosting a 6th grade dance this Friday from 11:35-12:15.  It will only cost $1.00 to go to the dance, and all money will be donated to "Kiss a Pig".  

Finally, I want to give you a heads-up that I will not be at school this Wednesday.  I will be attending a meeting where I will be learning some great math lessons to share with you.  Please show Charles Ellis grace and courtesy to your substitute. 

Have a wonderful week,
Mr. Trent

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