Friday, January 11, 2013

WSAV News Reports on Today's Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Charles Ellis Montessori Academy held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new playground today.  While the equipment isn't new, the students now have daily access to the grounds, which were previously plagued with problems.  The old playground faced drainage issues and sandstorms which didn’t allow students to use it daily.
Teacher Trent Kissinger said keeping students indoors all day is rough.
"We had to make a lot of accommodations, we spent a lot of time in the classroom trying to be as active as we could in the classroom but it doesn't necessarily work out when you have 30 sixth graders,” said Kissinger.
Letting students take a play break outside can bring a big benefit when they head back inside.
"There is a lot of research out there that talks about the attention spans of children, and it's a lot shorter than what you would expect, so when they are able to come out here and get that energy out they can go back in and be focused on how we want them during lessons,” said Kissinger.
Eight-year-old Lillian Banks said she can feel the difference after she gets done playing outside. 
"When you have all your energy out and you're okay and you calm down, it's easier to focus and get on track with your work,” said Banks.

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