Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Week of January 14, 2013

It's the last week of the second term!  This Friday, we will officially be half-way through the school year...this year is FLYING by!

In math, we will be spending a lot of time talking about inequalities and one-step equations.  We will start out by showing inequalities on a number line.  We will then move on to solving real-world problems involving equalities in one-step equations.  You will have plenty of classwork and homework for practice.  Be sure you are ready for a test on one-step equations and inequalities this Thursday.  This test will be your last grade of the term in math. In addition, please keep the following items in mind:

1.  You must complete a Compass Leaning activity by Friday.  This can be done at school or at home.
2.  Your journal will have a math theme this week.  Please complete it by Thursday.
3.  The second MAP testing will begin this week.  Please work quietly during worktime as your classmates are taking the exam.  It is not graded, but I will use the information from the MAP test to plan upcoming lessons.  In addition, the results will be shared with your family at parent/teacher conferences.

Check out the following videos from for more information.

In science, we will continue to study Earth's atmosphere.  Be sure to complete your Extreme Skydiving choice sheet by this Friday.  This Friday you will also have a chapter test.  Use the "Earth's Atmosphere" booklet, vocabulary sheet, and your completed choice sheet work to help you study for the exam.  This will be the last test grade in science for the term.  Check out this awesome National Geographic webpage on Earth's atmosphere!

Since this is the last week of the term, please turn in any unfinished assignments.  I will not take off points for them being late, but I cannot accept them after Friday.

Parent/Teacher conferences start next week.  I'm looking forward to talking to you and your family about what has been going on here at Ellis.  If you forget your conference time and date or you need to change it, please let me know ASAP.

Our new drop-off / pick-up procedures start Monday.  Please make sure you are aware of the changes being made.  A list of the changes can be found HERE.

Finally, this Friday is a dress down day.  It will cost you a dollar to do so, and all the proceeds will go towards our Peer Mediation Program.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening,

Mr. Trent

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