Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fronts in Action

We donned our blue and red goggles and acted out the four fronts we've been studying in class. The first person to comment on this entry with the names of the four fronts and the weather associated with each will get a prize!


  1. This is Sarah cold front warm front occluded front and stationary front

  2. You're half way there, Sarah! What weather is associated with each of these fronts?

    1. Sarah again and a cold front brings thunderheads and as the front moves though cold air follows and warm front is broad area of clouds a warm front brings rain or light snow followed by warm mild weather and stationary is clouds and fog comes and may rain or snow days of clouds and precipitation occluded front temp drops as the warm air mass cuts off strong winds and heavy precipitation

  3. Great job, Sarah! See me on Monday for a CERES sticker and bookmark!