Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Week of November 5, 2012

I am back from the NSTA conference in Atlanta and ready to begin another fun-filled week at Ellis!  First, don't forget that Tuesday is election day and you do not have school.  Although, I will be at Ellis having parent/teacher conferences.  I look forward to finishing up conferences this week.

In math, we will be talking about converting between fractions, decimals and percents.  Use the following notes to help you convert between the three.

I found an awesome game to help you practice HERE.  We will be using the following sheets to help us:

You will have homework to complete that will be due on Wednesday.  In addition, be ready to complete some fraction, decimal, percent classwork that will be graded on Thursday.  Remember, this week we will be making a transition from using TenMarks to using Compass Learning.  You will need to complete one math Compass Learning assignment of your choice by Friday.  Don't forget that we put your username on the inside of your journal (your password is "password).  Speaking of your journal, since we have one less day of worktime this week, i've excused you from completing a journal this week.

In science, we will be finishing up our research on landforms.  Your "Watch your Steppe" choice sheet is due on THURSDAY (Remember, it is NOT due Friday).  You will have your final test on landforms this Friday.  It will be based upon your landforms booklet you've completed and your vocabulary sheet.

I will not be at Ellis Wednesday morning so I can attend a workshop on Compass Learning.  I will also be out all day Friday to attend the Geek-End conference held here in Savannah.  I plan to share with you some interesting things I learn from attending these conferences.

I'll finish with some exciting news:  the playground renovation is complete!  We will get to check it out Monday at recess!

I'll see you tomorrow,
Mr. Trent

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