Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Week of September 4, 2012.

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are enjoying the time off and relaxing so you will be ready to go bright and early Tuesday morning!

This week in math we will be talking about finding the least common multiple (LCM) of two or more numbers.  This is a topic you may have investigated in the past, but I want you to really think critically about what multiples are and how they can be used to help you solve problems you may encounter in your every-day life.  We will write our first journal entry concerning LCM.  I will give you the prompt on Tuesday, and I will expect a response written in your journal by Thursday.  This journaling is expected to be classwork, but you can take it home to do it if you have not completed it by the end of the day Wednesday.  In addition to the journaling, you will have some LCM classwork and at least one homework sheet to complete.  Finally, you must complete one TenMarks assignment (10 questions) by Friday.  While you are working I will be giving small group lessons based on your needs as identified by the GAT you completed the first week of school.

In science, the first branch of science we will study is geology.  Get ready to learn a lot about minerals over the next two weeks!  On Tuesday, I will present a whole-group lesson using the following visuals:

You will also get a few vocabulary words to study.  Please memorize the following definitions for a quiz on Friday, September 7th:

mineral- a naturally formed, inorganic solid that has a definite crystalline structure
streak- the color of the powder of a mineral
luster- the way in which a mineral reflects light
cleavage- the splitting of a mineral along smooth, flat surfaces
fracture- the manner in which a mineral breaks along either curved or irregular surfaces

To guide your studies concerning minerals, please complete the "Minerals Tic-Tac-Toe" sheet in class. you may choose any three activities as long as they are in a line (just like the game by the same name).  As you complete each assignment, staple it to the back of the sheet, and place it into the box on my printer.  I expect you to finish this choice sheet by next Friday (September 14).Minerals Tic Tac Toe 

You will also have a test on what we studied concerning minerals on Friday, September 14th.  It will take careful planning to complete your assignments and properly prepare for your vocabulary quiz and mineral test.  It is imperative that you are focusing and working with good purpose.

This week you will also meet Ms. Cathy.  She is a marine science graduate student who attends school at Savannah State University.  She will spend a lot of time in our classroom this year helping you with your studies and sharing with you her exciting dolphin research!  She has a wealth of knowledge about oceanography and scientific processes.  Please welcome her to our classroom.

I'm excited to start our first week of lessons!  See you Tuesday morning,
Mr. Trent


  1. Hi Mr. Trent! This is Cathy. I can't wait to meet all the students this week and I'm excited to be in the classroom this year. I hope I'm able to teach the students a little about conservation and behavior of dolphins!

  2. Welcome to Charles Ellis, Cathy! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday.