Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Week of January 17th.

I'm trying to set a good example by doing my homework today so I can enjoy my holiday tomorrow!  It's going to be another busy week in science and math class.  In science, we will be talking about waves, currents, and tides.  Here's a copy of the info. we will discuss:

I will give a whole-class lesson on Tuesday and then you will be able to complete a "Seafood Feast" choice sheet that will be due next Friday.  I will also give you a vocabulary list to study for a quiz on the words THIS Friday.  Here are your words:

Storm surge- a local rise in sea level near the shore that is caused by strong winds from a storm, such as those from a hurricane.

Tidal range- The difference in levels of ocean water at high tide and low tide.

Tide- the periodic rise and fall of the water level in oceans and other large bodies of water

Trough- the lowest part of a wave

Crest- the highest point of a wave

Wavelength- the distance between two adjacent wave crests or wave troughs. 

Ocean current- a movement of ocean water that follows a regular pattern.

Coriolis effect- the apparent curving of the path of a moving object from an otherwise straight path due to the Earth’s rotation. 

Deep currents- a streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface.

Surface current- a horizontal movement of ocean water that is caused by wind and that occurs at or near the ocean’s surface.

In math, we will talk about finding area of triangles.  If you want to get a head start on the concept, check out this great video.  Be on the lookout for some classwork and homework associated with finding the area of triangles.

This is the LAST week of term 2!  All work must be handed in by this Friday to be averaged for your report card.  Late work cannot and will not be accepted after this Friday.  It is also time for parent/teacher conferences.  I will send home a conference form that needs to be returned to me ASAP.  Remember, the sooner you return the form, the better chance you have of getting the times you sign up for.

I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow celebrating the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.    Take time out to think about character traits he had that you could also try to exemplify in yourself.

Mr. Trent

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