Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A favorite holiday tradition at Ellis is the school-wide sing along! 70 degree weather in December really makes you want to sing!

Holiday Fun!

It looks like we have a bunch of people on Santa's "good list" this year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Assignments Due Friday

Please hand in any work you may still owe by Friday.  This includes choice-sheet work, Albanesi cards, follow-up work, homework, science fair projects, or Accelerated Math.  It's best to start the new year off with a clean slate!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let it Snow!

It snowed symmetrical snowflakes in our classroom! Can you identify bilateral, point, and radial symmetry in these snowflakes?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Virtual Snowflakes

Make some neat snowflake-inspired art at this site.  Can you identify the lines of symmetry in your creations?

The Week of December 12

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I hope you are ready for a week of holiday fun!  Starting Monday, we will be turning our classroom into a winter wonderland as we investigate symmetry. Mr. Brandon will also be here to share with you symmetry found in the ocean.  On Tuesday, Mr. Brian will visit our room to get us started sharing our science fair projects.  Don't forget that all library books are due Tuesday, as well.  On Wednesday and Thursday we will finish up presenting our projects, talk a bit more about symmetry, and investigate where water is found on our planet.  Friday will be a really fun day where we will play games, do some holiday crafts, and exchange our secret pal gifts!  Our week will end with the Annual Ellis Sing Along on the front steps of the school.  It's one of the many traditions that helps make this time of year extra special.

I'm looking forward to this last week before holiday break.  I hope you are, too!

Mr. Trent

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Library Books Due

All library books must be returned to the library by Tuesday, December 13th for inventory. 

Water Depth & Water Mass Investigations

Today, students simulated the ocean at different depths to find the connection between depth and water mass.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanks for Visiting!

A thousand thanks!  Well, actually, TWO thousand thanks!  We've reached over 2,000 visiters to!  I really enjoy sharing with you all the great things going on in our classroom. 

Secret Santa Book Exchange

Today, we chose names for our Secret Santa book exchange.  We will exchange our presents next Friday.  Please bring in a new or "like new" book for your secret pal on December 16th. 

Science Fair

Mr. Brian has been helping us create science fair projects. When completed, we will present our findings to our classmates.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Book Exchange

We are planning a holiday book exchange in our classroom.  On Tuesday, those who would like to participate, will put their names and interests in a hat.  We will take turns pulling names as random to see who you will be matched with.  Secret Santas will purchase a book for their partner to be wrapped and delivered on Friday, December 16.  Remember, keep your partner a's part of the fun!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Week of December 5, 2011

Did you go to the Christmas parade on Broughton Street this weekend?  I did, and it really got me in the holiday spirit!  I hope that you take some time over the next few weeks to make these days special for you.

I have a fun week planned for you at Ellis this week.  In math, we will be making a holiday gift list and calculating sales prices and tax.  After you make your list, I will "check it twice".  Expect some homework associated with it, and a quiz on Thursday.  Here are some Howcast videos to show you how it's done:

In science, we will finish up our work concerning undersea topography.  Your four choices from "Go Fish" will be due Friday.  In addition, you will have a test on all we've talked about on Friday.  Here is a copy of the study guide (and the diagram) that I will also give you Monday:
  1. I. How do scientist study the ocean floor?
    1. The ocean floor can be as much at 11,000 meters below the surface!
    2. b‭.‬ ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
    3. c‭.‬ SONAR (Sound Nagivation And Ranging)
    4. d‭.‬ Satellites  (Geosat- once a top secret military satellite)
    5. II. What are the two major regions of the ocean?
    6. a‭.‬ Continental Margin-  the edge of a continent that is covered by water.
    7. b‭.‬ Deep-ocean Basin-  begins at the edge of the continental margin and extends under the deepest parts of the ocean.
    8. III. The Continental Shelf
    9. a‭.‬ What is it?  Starts at the shoreline and slopes gently toward open ocean (200 m)
    10. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  The Continental Margin
    11. IV. The Continental Slope
    12. a‭.‬ What is it?  The steepest part of the continental margin.  (200 m – 4,000 m)
    13. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Begins at the edge of the continental shelf and continues to continental rise
    14. V. The Continental Rise
    15. a‭.‬ What is it?  The boundary between the continental margin and the deep-ocean basin.
    16. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  The base of the continental slope
    17. VI. The Abyssal Plain
    18. a‭.‬ What is it?  Flat, almost level part of the ocean basin
    19. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Between continental margins in deep ocean
    20. VII. The Mid-Ocean Ridge
    21. a‭.‬ What is it?  A long mountain chain that forms from moving tectonic plates
    22. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Floor of the abyssal plain
    23. VIII. Rift Valley
    24. a‭.‬ What is it?  A crack in the ocean floor where magma rises and cools
    25. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  In the mid-ocean ridge
    26. IX. Ocean Trench
    27. a‭.‬ What is it?  Long, narrow valleys that can be up to 11,000 m deep
    28. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Where tectonic plates are moving together (subduction)
Click on the diagram for a full-size picture.

This Friday will be a dress down day for $1.00.  All the proceeds will go towards Relay For Life.  See you Monday morning!

Mr. Trent