Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mr. Trent's Class' "God With No Hands" Script

Here is the script we have created for our part of the musical.  This is a rough draft that we will revise over the next two weeks.
Setting:  A dark hot Earth. 
Lava 1:  I’m so excited to catch some gnarly lava waves!  Being a lava dude is awesome.
Lava 2:  Those volcanoes have been erupting and making some nice waves of lava and keeping the weather nice and hot.
Lava 1:  This is totally rad, dude!
Lava 2:  It seems like it’s been this hot forever.  I hope it stays this way for a long time.  I really enjoy this weather.
Lava 3 walks in
Lava 3:  Well, you better enjoy it while it lasts because I just heard on Ash Action News channel 96 that a change is coming.  Now that the volcanoes have stopped erupting, Earth is going to start to cool.
Lava 1:  You know, now that you say it, it does feel a little cooler.
Bossy solids walk in
Lava 2:  Who in the world are you?
Solid 1:  (mockingly) who in the world are you?
Solid 2:  We are new in town!  Now that the weather is cooling down, we came to take over this joint.  We are SOLIDS, bub bad um bum bum bum bum!
Lava 1:  I don’t think so!  We were here first!
Solid 3:  We are solids and we will crush you! 
Lava 2:  Bring it on!  We will melt you!
Hippy Liquids enter
Liquids:  (Chanting) Liquids for peace!  Say no to fighting! 
Solid 2:  Get out of here you peace-loving liquids!  Beat it!
Liquid 1:  Brothers and sisters, please stay calm.  There is no need to fight.
Liquid 2:  It’s all about love and peace.  We are on this world together and we must learn to get along.
Liquid 3:  God says that we must obey his laws and follow his will.  He gave us all rules to follow and task to fulfill.
Gases Enter (Dressed as Clowns) doing tricks
Solid 1- Who are these clowns?!
Gas 1- We are gases.  We are the joksters of the world, always bouncing around and never staying still.
Gas 2- Solids, you all are so stiff.  You never have any fun!
Gas 3- Here’s a joke:  What do you get when you cross some lava and a solid?  Give up?  An argument!
Solid 3- Are you trying to start something with us?
Lava 2- (sarcastically) ha ha ha, very funny gases!
All characters start arguing loudly. 
Liquid 3- STOP!  Look, the veil of clouds is being lifted! 
Piece of fabric is carried over the audience.  Lights shine.  Sun enters.
Liquid 2- Look, it’s our old friend the sun!
Gas 1-  We haven’t seen you in such a long time!  It’s great to see you again!
Sun- It’s so nice to see the Earth again.  I’ve been ashamed of all the fighting going on as the volcanoes were erupting.  But now I’ve come back to find the elements squabbling.  We must follow god’s law and obey the rules that were put in place so long ago.
Liquid 1- You’re right, beautiful sun!  We are liquids, we shall flow!
Gases 1- We are gases we shall float in the atmosphere!
Solid 1- We are solids, we will keep our shape.
Sun- Yes, beautiful, perfect elements: be proud of who you are and how you were made.  Follow the rules of your properties and our world will become something amazing!  I can once again smile upon my beautiful daughter Earth.
All sing “I Can See Clearly Now”

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