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Welcome to our classroom, room 21!  We work hard to create a space where everyone who enters has a comfortable, engaging, and inspirational place to learn.  Your work space contains many different areas designed to make the most of your time in the classroom.

Our Montessori shelves are the heart of the classroom.  They contain materials and resources you can use for your math, science, language arts, and social studies works.

The supply shelves contain items you may need to complete works: art supplies, extra copies of important handouts, and our recycle bins.  The Peace Cabinet is a place you will want to visit often because it contains treasured items used to calm the mind and body.  On the shelves you will find peaceful books, pictures, and peer mediation forms.

Your practical life area contains everything you will need to prepare your lunch.  Feel free to use the refrigerator and microwaves.  This area also contains brooms, dusters, and sponges so we can clean up after work time and lunch.  Your daily practical life jobs are also posted here.

Our classroom pet, Georgia the chinchilla, is alway appreciative of a scratch behind the ears!  Stop by and say hello to her on your way to the mailboxes!  Each students has a mailbox where important printed announcements are placed and works reviewed by your teacher are returned to you.  

Computers are also found on each table in the classroom.  These computers are great for group research and presentation of your computer-generated works to your classmates.  Our classroom also contains a Smart Board that can be used for interactive presentations.  In addition, you have access to laptop computers to use during your work time, as needed. 

It is my hope that I've prepared an environment that is both relaxing and intellectually stimulating.  I'm excited to see all the amazing things you are capable of doing within these four walls!  

Mr. Trent

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  1. This is a very nice and eccentric classroom. You don't see many of these types of classrooms anymore. Your classroom looks very calming and organized. Awesome job Mr. Trent!