GMAS Info.

The Georgia Milestones Assessment will be taken at the end of the year to assess your child's mastery of grade level standards.

2018 GMAS Schedule

Thursday, April 5th- Practice Test (5th only)
Wednesday, April 11th- ELA Reading & Evidence Based Writing (4,5,6)
Thursday, April 12th- ELA (4,5,6)
Friday, April 13th - ELA (4,5,6)
Monday, April 17th- Math (4,5,6)
Tuesday, April 18th- Math (4,5,6)
Wednesday, April 19th- Science (5th only)
Thursday, April 20th- Social Studies (5th only)
Friday, April 20th- Makeups

Information about the Georgia Milestones Assessment System

Are you curious to see the layout of the online test?  Click HERE for a practice test that mimics the actual GMAS.

Here are some awesome study guides you can use to help you understand a little bit more about the questions you may see on the exam.

Grade 4 GMAS Study Guide

Grade 5 GMAS Study Guide

Grade 6 GMAS Study Guide

Finally, this guide can help you understand the individual student score report that will be given to you after administration of the test. 

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