Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Week of September 28, 2020

The upcoming week is fixin’ to be a good one! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the great works that are being accomplished while e-learning, and I look forward to what this week holds, as well! Keep in mind that all required works are posted in your Google Classroom account. Choice works are located in the “Announcements” section of ItsLearning. While not required, choice works can provide fun enrichment opportunities. The end of the term is coming up in 2 weeks! In preparation for the end of term, please review all your work in Google Classroom for completeness and to read the notes from teachers made on the assignments. 

We will begin our spelling and vocabulary program this week! Each Wednesday, you will receive developmentally appropriate spelling and vocabulary lists to study. The following Wednesday, you will complete a vocabulary activity and a spelling assessment based on these words. It is suggested that each day you spend some time practicing how to spell the spelling words and learning the definition of the vocabulary. Note that you will NOT be required to know how to spell the vocabulary words. I have updated the daily checkoff list to include spelling and vocabulary practice (See below). 

Finally, SCCPSS is in the process of transitioning into Phase 2 of reopening the schools. It is important that you are checking the SCCPSS Virtual School Reopening Guidance page at frequently to keep up with the swift flood of information being shared. I, personally, do not know much more about phase 2 than what has been shared with the general public. I will forward any and all relevant info. that I can your way. 

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Mr. Trent

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