Friday, September 18, 2020

The Week of September 21, 2020

The rain clouds are slowly clearing and the sun will soon shine again!  What a wonderful way to begin another week together!  This week will include daily zoom lessons on grammar analysis, structured informational writing skills, geometric measurements, and cultural studies.  I’m excited to share that reading groups will begin this week! Please see the class schedule on ItsLearning to see when your group will be meeting.  In addition, two new required assignments will be added to your workload:

  1.  Spend 20 minutes each day doing math skills maintenance at

  2.  Complete 1 reading comprehension activity at each week.

Below is a daily check-off list you may wish to use during each day.  It lists all required works and lessons with a space to draw a satisfying check-mark when it’s complete.  Feel free to print and use it if you will benefit from this more structured approach to daily tasks.  

I’m sure you have heard all the news coming from the recent school board meeting about the eventual return to the classroom.  I’m also sure you, like I, have many questions about what this will look like.  Please know that I will pass along any information as soon as I am able to.  I suggest you keep a close eye on SCCPSS social media and school board meetings.  I’m sure a flurry of information is forthcoming that we will need to work through together.  

I wish you a restful weekend,



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