Friday, December 6, 2019

The Week of December 9, 2019

I can't believe it is already the second week of December!  Holiday break is coming fast, but we have a lot of accomplish before the New Year. 

Our social studies lessons will include continued research of WWII and Latin American countries.  Please complete your weekly and assignments by Friday.  

You will have a vocabulary quiz on the following term 2 review words on Monday, December 16th.  This is the last vocabulary quiz of the term!

Term 2 Vocabulary Review List
Grade 4

Legislative branch- passes laws for a nation

Executive branch- carries out and enforces the laws made by Congress

Judicial branch- interprets and applies the laws

ELECTORATE – Those eligible to vote

INCUMBENT – A person currently holding office

PARTY PLATFORM – Statement of the principles or beliefs of a political group

blockaded - To stop people or supplies from coming into or going out of a country

surrender - To agree to stop fighting because you know that you will not win

port - A coastal location that has a harbor in which ships can dock

truce - An agreement to stop fighting, arguing, etc., for a certain period of time

Term 2 Vocabulary Review List
Grade 5

Drought- a long period of dry weather with little or no rain

Dictator- a ruler with total power over a country and its people

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)- helped transform the Tennessee River Valley from poverty to productivity by building dams to control flooding and produce electricity.

ELECTORATE – Those eligible to vote

INCUMBENT – A person currently holding office

PARTY PLATFORM – Statement of the principles or beliefs of a political group

The Blitz (or The Battle of Britain) - Hitler sent his Luftwaffe to bomb British cities, primarily London, targeting civilians as a way of breaking the resolve of the English. 40,000 were killed but the British held.

D-Day- June 6, 1944, the Allied landing on France's Normandy beaches to begin the liberation of Europe.

Joseph Stalin - The communist leader of the Soviet Union.

U-boats - Short for Unterseeboote, German submarines.

Term 2 Vocabulary Review List
Grade 6

Panama Canal- a man-made feature located in the country of Panama. It is an important waterway that allows ships to easily travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Latitude and longitude- imaginary lines on a map that are used to find locations on Earth’s surface

Amazon River- the second largest river in the world that flows primarily through Brazil.

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT – A political subdivision for the purpose of electing U.S. representatives

CANDIDATE – Person who seeks or is put forward by others for a political office

CAMPAIGN – Course of action designed to influence voters in an election

arable- land that is suitable for farming

currency- a system of money in use in a particular country

deity- a god or goddess; or the creator and supreme being in monotheistic religion such as Christianity

diplomatic relations- a relationship between two countries in which they send representatives to work in each other’s countries

Finally, you will have a word study quiz on the following lists Friday, December 13th.

Arrow Group

Star Group

Swirl Group

This Wednesday through Friday is our 4th grade camping trip to the Burton 4-H camp on Tybee Island!  Those students who are attending are excused from the word study test, quill, and newsela assignments.  I look forward to camping with you!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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