Friday, November 1, 2019

The Week of November 4, 2019

Happy November! I enjoy counting my blessings this time of year. I feel truly lucky to visit Ellis each day and see all of the wonderful research happening in our classroom!

It's mid-term election time! Our social studies lessons this week will focus upon the election process and our responsibilities as a US citizen to be involved in the voting process. Your followup choices from your election lesson will be due Friday. As always, you will also have a weekly grammar assignment and a current event article assignment to complete. Our novel study focus will be about personification.

This week's vocabulary words will be associated with the mid-term elections. Everyone will have the same vocabulary list and a quiz on Tuesday, November 12.

ELECTORATE – Those eligible to vote

INCUMBENT – A person currently holding office

PARTY PLATFORM – Statement of the principles or beliefs of a political group

POLLING PLACE – Place where votes are cast

REGISTER – The process by which a persons’ name is added to the list of eligible voters

SUFFRAGE – The right to vote

POLITICAL PARTY – A group of people who join together because they share many ideas about  what government should do

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT – A political subdivision for the purpose of electing U.S.  representatives

CANDIDATE – Person who seeks or is put forward by others for a political office

CAMPAIGN – Course of action designed to influence voters in an election

Your word study words are found below. Please glue your list to your workplan and study them for a quiz on Friday, November 8th.

Swirl Group

Star Group

Arrow Group
5th Graders attending the field-trip to Fortson 4-H camp from Wednesday through Friday: You will be exempt from all followup work this week EXCEPT your vocabulary quiz that will take place Tuesday, November 12. If you are not attending the trip, your followup work will be due as usual.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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