Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Week of 14, 2019

I love a fresh start!  This week is the first of the 2nd term of the school year, and a perfect time for a reset!  Remember your classroom procedures and use your workplan to guide your days...if you  do, your term 2 will be a success!

In social studies, I will be presenting lessons on the political/physical geography of Latin America.  We will also be presenting our puppet shows about the Revolutionary War and the 1920's in America!  5th graders will enjoy another writing lesson with Ms. Pat, while I will help everyone else edit the first half of the "Red Door" narratives we've been working on.  As usual, we will have some time to enjoy our novel study books together.  Your required assignments will include lesson followups, a work, and a current event article at about what animal eat.

I used the spelling inventories we took last Friday to place you in new word study groups.  Please study the following words for a quiz on Friday, October 18th.

Swirl Group
-est: strangest, cleanest, quietest, harshest, kindest
-iest: earliest, crummiest, murkiest, shiniest, fanciest

Arrow Group
short ea: thread, deaf, meant, dread, read
long ea: beast, cream, pea, leak, neat

Star Group
accent in first syllable: sidewalk, driveway, lightning, slightly, higher
accent in second syllable: delight, surprise, survive, describe, arrive

Finally, be sure to be prepared for your first vocabulary quiz of the second term!  It will be based on the words given to you last Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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